Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dry Goods - Experiment #331

"Molecules of air can even stop paper from getting wet in a glass of water.

You will need:
small glass
napkin or paper towel
glass bowl

What to do: Crumple the paper and place it in the bottom of the glass. Make certain it is tight so that the paper will not fall out. Fill the bowl with water. Now, turn the glass upside down over the bowl and lower it until it touches the bottom of the bowl. Lift the glass straight up out of the bowl. Continue to keep it upside down as you dry around and inside the rim of it. Now, take the paper out of the glass.

What happens: The paper inside the glass remains dry.

Why: When the glass is pushed into the water, the molecules of air do not escape but instead are pressed together and act as a shield between the water and the paper. Some water enters the glass, but not enough to wet the paper. The molecules of air take up enough space to block it."

What happened when CKS tried it?: The water spilled out of the bowl onto the table because it was too full. I had to clean it up and empty some water out of the bowl. Then when I tried again, the paper was dry and I didn't spill. Make sure you don't fill it up too high!

CKS rating: 5 stars - Better than TV!

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